Comprehensive solution to patient positioning and immobilization in both proton and conventional radiation therapy clinics.    

  • Simple, straightforward positioning method
  • Quick fabrication of patient immobilization
  • Proven accuracy in treatment reproducibility
  • Lightweight, less than 6 pounds
  • Universal to all CT and XRT treatment couches




The Z-Box, the foundation of the Z-System, is a patient-positioning device designed specifically for applications within Proton Therapy, also precisely compatible with conventional Radiation Therapy.  


Indexing unit which securely and precisely attaches the patient’s custom foam mold to any standard treatment table.

  • Integral component of Z-System
  • Ensures exactness in size and shape of foam mold
  • Firmly secures mold with unique ridged feature
  • Limits rotation and movement during patient set-up
  • Fits universal CT and XRT table top

The Z-Square is used to index a custom treatment mold back to the table. It is lightweight, yet strong and secure. Fully carbon fiber and universal to Proton and Conventional table tops. Provides secure indexing, within 2mm, using a standard index bar. Remains completely out of the way to prevent intereference with beams in the treatment area. 

Mold Creation and Simulation

The Z-System simplifies the patient immobilization and set-up process during simulation, leading to greater reproducibility and increased outcomes in the treatment process.  

On Treatment Day

The Z-Square provides quick setup for patients and therapists, while reducing treatment times, providing greater accuracy, and decreasing risk and liability.


Designed to meet specific customer needs, the Z-Board is ideal for SBRT and SRS treatments.  It allows for superior mold creation and positioning reproduction, leading to more accurate and safe patient treatment experiences. 

Coming Soon

You asked for it and we delivered! The Z-SYSTEM HEAD & NECK FRAME is currently in production!  Contact us now to schedule a DEMO or find us @ PTCOG-NA 2017 to ask more questions!

Custom Foam Inserts

Disposable inserts are designed to maintain patient comfort and provide critical support throughout radiation therapy treatments and imaging procedures. Custom devices can be made to fit your needs.