ZDi has created the only product line (Z-System) which ensures that a patient is accurately positioned within 2mm of the original treatment plan, thereby assuring precise dose delivery to the tumor target site. The system works through a series of interlocking units operating in conjunction with the foam immobilization mold to securely position the patient for each treatment. The Z-System is constructed with a universal indexing system to fit any treatment or CT table top. With accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in mind, the system was created to standardize and optimize Proton Therapy and conventional Radiation Therapy treatments.


Positioning the industry of patient immobilization for proton and conventional radiation therapy to establish the world-wide standard in treatment techniques and consumer quality.

Our Founders

John Hawkins | Chief Executive Officer

John Hawkins has over 28 years of industry experience in hospital services, medical devices manufacturing, and information technology; he has served as VP of Business Development and National Director of Corporate Sales. As CEO of ZDi, he manages all aspects of business advancement and expansion.

Zach Dutton | Chief Design Officer

Zach Dutton, R.T., (R)(T), has wide-ranging clinical experience in both proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy settings. He now serves as the Chief Design Officer, bringing the entire Z-System from concept to reality.

Tim Sykes | Executive Vice President

Tim Sykes brings to ZDi extensive financial advisory and consulting knowledge. He founded his own exceptionally successful companies and was recognized as one of the ‘Top 100 Advisors’ by a national publication. Tim fulfills the role of Executive Vice President, overseeing all financial decisions and obligations.